Can Music Thing readers read music?

So, the survey was a big success - 2,200 replies in a week. Thank you very much.
There are a few really interesting results which I'm checking at the moment, but first of all... Can you read music? 578 of you can, 1,124 of you can 'sort of', and 419 can't at all.
The results for individual instruments are interesting. These results are based on answers to the question: "Which 'instrument' makes you happiest right now?"


I think your 2nd graph, the bar graph, is mislabeled.

Very interesting topic. I can't wait to see what else you gathered.

I can't believe the guitar is so low in this hierarchy.
"I can't believe the guitar is so low in this hierarchy."
Most guitarists can't read music. I'd wager that, to their credit, there are far more self-taught guitarists than there are schooled.
Yeah, but more guitarists than drummers? Wow.

Then again, any drummer who reads MT is probably not your average drummer.
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