What could a scratch DJ do with a home organ ribbon controller?

The answer is in this bonkers video of Japanese DJ Tucker, king of the SL-1210 and the Yamaha YC-45 who also sets the whole thing on fire with lighter fluid, Hendrix style. There's a lot of crazy organ action in Japan, as various clips of really intense children playing Electone organs proves. (Thanks, Gareth)

haha great video. don't let him near the Kaossilator he'll rip it apart!
The "various" link makes clear where synthesiser demo tunes come from. Apparently Japanese girls just play 'em live into a sequencer.
I just saw Tucker in Australia, in Melbourne with the fantastic 'BLOX', featuring quan from regurgitator & spod. They were all fantastic!
AAAAHHHHHH!! This is so frustrating to watch. I have a YC-45D and the ribbon controller crapped out a few weeks after I bought it. It's not the easiest piece of gear to bring to a tech… The ribbon controls preset analog synth sounds that you can blend like organ voices. There is also a fuzz circuit for the upper manual (which this DJ is utilizing) along with 2 user "preset" memories. And being a combo-organ, it uses a 1/4" output for maximum pedal compatibility!

So, any advice on the ribbon controller? It's the suede "bar" type and the lowest note works, but it hits a snag after that.
Well, it is surely interesting. I can not say that I particularly like his mixing, I am not into this but I enjoy an interesting piece.
DJ Tucker rules, although he is rocking a whole new look now: http://www.djtucker.com/
but what's it for? what's he doing (in terms of CONTENT) that's anything other than what's been going on for the last 20 years? this is no different to watching any other display of 'vituosity'. it might be fun to do, but it's bloody tedious to watch.
So - to answer your question: Not much. Or at least nothing that is tonal or pleasing to the ear.
yet another reason why organs, accordians and banjos should be banned.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
What's the difference between an accordion and a trampoline?
- You take your shoes off when you jump on a trampoline!
what bollocks. hip hop and mixing is sooooo overrated. this is complete rubbish and I'll bet this person doesnt have a single musical bone in his body. Beethoven just turned in his grave.
I'm not saying that Tucker's doing anything that's musically innovative or that even makes any sense, but the reason I submitted this clip was my personal joy at someone appropriating a mental gimmick on a 1970s organ and trying to scratch with it. I don't think the fact that he isn't specifically innovating in this clip is a problem, but then I've got one of those organs and I never thought to try and scratch with it. I like his aesthetic (check out his other Youtube clips, or recordings as "The Man from Electone) and I don;t think he takes himself as seriously as some of the critics here seem to think. Roll Over, Beethoven...
Curtis - have you been to www.combo-organ.com? join the discussion group there, you'll be sure to find some help with your ribbon. Does it feel broken or deformed anywhere along its'length? If not, it's probably a relatively easy job as these organs are really well built and easy to work on.
Nothing close to musical was happening in this vid. Sorry scratch fans. But it did remind of all the vids on YouTube where someone starts a drum machine, latches an arp pattern and then "jams" but jacking tje cutoff and resonance knobs for 8 minutes! The mercy here is that it wasn't that long.

Check Combo Organ Heaven for some tips on fixing that ribbon controller.
Yeeeeeahhh! Scratch fans!!!!!
Tucker's not innovative, huh?
jeez, it cant all be philip glass...
Philip-let's repeat the same 4 measures for 20 minutes with no variation whastoever-Glass may not be the best person to reference in terms of innovation...
haha great video. This is so frustrating to watch.......

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Accordians banned? sure Banjo's ? Maybe. Organs? Anyone who says a hammond B3 sould be banned should be shot and pissed on!
Fun thread. All fun to watch, some great ideas.
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Awesome. that man has great skills!
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