Moog Voyager OS - the retro synth to end all retro synths

This is (if the rumours are to be believed) the new Moog Voyager OS, with OS presumably standing for Old School. It's an all analog synth with no patch storage, no MIDI and no display - essentially a refreshed version of the 37 year-old Minimoog design. Presumably it will be cheaper than a Voyager, more expensive than a Little Phatty. I like the idea of a synth as a simple instrument like an electric guitar, something you plug in, tweak a bit and play. This could be perfect for (well-off) keyboard players in guitar bands who want to look cool and make cool noises, but are never going to need to connnect it to anything else. Also, if every single person who's ever gone onto a synth forum and said "yeah, I don't want all that modern crap, I just want a totally pure analog synth" buys one, then Moog will be rich beyond their wildest dreams.
UPDATE: Here's the official page , with a price: $2595 - $500 less than the full Voyager, $1,200 more than the Phatty...

Pshhhh!! What is that a synth for ludites??? I mean who needs that old junker when you can get an Access Ti Snow for less than a grand!!!
Dear lost,
please die(t)

2 d's in Luddite, you Virtual Analogue fool. Bet you'd use a sampler instead of a Piano
I'm sorry....I just peed my pants. Looks like I'll have to take out a second mortgage, but it'll be worth it. *sigh*

Yes. I'm one of those guys in those forums. Thank you for belittling me.

a lack of midi and patch programming is silly.

please explain the benefits to me.
I guess I'm one of those "old schoolers" this thing is meant to appeal to. I owned a Minimoog through most of the 70's, pre-MIDI, pre-digital-anything, etc. And yes there was something cool about knowing which knob to grab and which buttons to push on a dark stage to get the right sound. The Minimoog required it's own technique to play that no keyboard then or now was like, and people who knew what they were doing with one were in demand. And just so you know, I have an Access TI Polar today which I like a lot, but there is a certain charm to the new Voyager OS. I probably won't buy one but I like it, just like some guys my age would take a Harley motorcycle over a Suzuki. Moog is a class act.
They should at least consider having a midi expansion port in the back so that when all the guitar-band hipster keyboardists finally realize that "gee maybe there's some use to having MIDI sequencing after all" they won't have to resort to '90s-style synth modding to get a MIDI in/out.
It seems to have a pretty full set of CV I/O based on a back panel shot someone posted, so adding MIDI would basically just amount to buying a big-ass Kenton MIDI-CV...
Sorry thumpsquid, but uah know i wasn't even alive before midi was invented so i kinda like my synths to be flexible and connectable/syncable. I also just don't happen to have all kinds of cash to throw at a synth that lacks at least the last 20 years of technological development. And as far as samplers go I hate 'em. I own a fatman i built and modded myself if i need something analog. I just don't find limitations like that useful. Merely annoying. And it's spelled analog, I mean Moog is an American company after all.
So finally a bunch of you analog-lovin' wirehippies can put ya money where ya mouth is!

;) I'm just teasin' ya cuz I love ya. I know analog has that fat sound.

But hoby jaybus, that's a lot of cash for a "vintage reissue". You gotta really love analog to shell out for this one.

Oh my, its beautiful...I played it yesterday at NAMM and here's Amos from Moog music explaining it...

oooh, it'z spelt analog nott analogue becoz i'm n'american 'n wee ave to changee alll of yor englissh wordss rong becoz wee dont underrr stannd hoooow 2 uze yor languagee proppa.
Cheers, Tara! You and Maf were great fun to hang out with. But to be fair I spent more time abusing the Voyager OS than explaining it... ;-)
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