Legendary producers

I just found myself writing the words "legendary producer", and stopped myself. According to the first 100 results in Google, the following people are 'legendary producers': Dave Bascombe, Clive Chin, Youth, J Rawls, Rick Rubin, Phil Spector, J Dilla, George Martin, Tony Visconti, Arif Mardin, Joe Boyd, Steve Lillywhite, Frank Filipetti, Ski, Phil Ramone, Dr Dre, Stephen Street, Nile Rodgers, Rhythm Masters, Jim Dickinson, Kramer, King Jammy, Tom Dowd, Joel Dorn, Jack Clement, Clive Davis, Larry Smith, Trevor Horn, Jerry Wexler, Junior Vasquez, Orrin Keepnews, Flemming Rasmussen, Jimmy Jam, Owen Morris, Steve Levine, Leif Mases, Quincy Jones, Chris Tsangarides, Tony Platt, Brian Eno and John Beltran. I decided to just write "producer".
There are 146,000 references to "legendary producer", 184,000 references to "legendary hero", 96,300 to "legendary guitarist", 7,400 to "legendary engineer", 1,500 for "legendary blogger" and just 11 for "legendary guitar tech".

Here's some more:
legendary bass player: 8250
legendary synth: 1070
legendary synth tech: 1
synth cake: 853 (largely MT-related)

"a person who creates economic value, or produces goods and services"
--so all the above qualify I believe.

"an apparatus for making producer gas"
--umm. . .
oh ok.

legendary backup singer: 3
then i also have to say:
legendary rhythm guitarist: 219
legendary rhythm guitar: 4
legendary asshole: 8,470,000
legendary Vengaboys: 5
"legendary dance moves" - 580

"legendary hairdo" - 35

"legendary diarrhea" - 16

I could do this all day.
Checking on who the single "legendary synth tech" is... yup. Thought so.
the "rhythm masters"? haha, no.
Eh? This is a bit of a non-post, isn't it?
What, no Bob Ezrin?
some musicians who are also groundbreaking producers...

Brian Wilson, Trent Reznor, Tricky, Massive Attack, Dr. Dre, David Bowie, Mark Linkous (Sparklehorse), The Beastie Boys. That`s for me.

..and I miss in your list:

Rodney Jerkins, Timbaland, Mark "Spike" Stent, Arif Mardin, Phil Ramone, Alan Parsons, Humberto Gatica...and counting.
much to my surprise, the venn diagram of "legendary producers" and "legendary assholes" contains only Cecil B. Demille.

Legendary Sequencer - 9 hits

The Akai MPC1000, Opcodes Vision, Buzzsonic, Rebirth & Giorgio Moroder

Legendary Computer Musician - 0 hits :)
The only thing worse than being legendary is not being legendary.
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