Belkin iPod XLR recording system looks phenomenally hot

I love the 'UA does a multimeter' look of this Belkin Podcast Studio, supposedly just $100 with build in mic, built in speaker, dual XLR (no word on phantom power). Not clear whether it has a built in d/a and just records data on the iPod, or whether it uses the iPod's own recording system. Don't hold your breath for this, because Belkin like to announce early and release late (they announced the Tune Studio a year ago, and it only appeared for sale in June). (via Boing Boing Gadgets)

From the photoshop look of the image I'd say that we're not looking at a real item just yet.

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16 bit is disappointing.
At this point in time anything less than 24/96 is hard to take seriously.
The difference in audio quality is just too blatantly obvious.
I've been eagerly waiting for a serious way to use my iPod as a field recorder. Well, since this is not the case, I'm happy I gave up and bought an Edirol R-09.
A good "tune studio" implementation with the iPod touch and iPhone would certainly make a lot of sense, but I'm not waiting anymore... :-D
A great idea, but it doesn't appear to have phantom power based on the detailed photos in the engadget link.

Which renders it almost completely useless for good field recordings. Le sigh.
whew! every new product looks hot or looks great! after a month or two, another new product will be launched then what will happen? :) So, let's be contented! BUT If you have the extra money then go buy one! -peace out!-
In some videopodcast, I think it was think geek or something, they featured it. it was shown an this years macworld. should be hitting the stores pretty soon though.
Nice one...
its june '08 now. Is there any news on a release date?
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