Ask a Linux user to play some records, and he'll start coding a cross-fader

This post by Brazilian blogger Nicolau Werneck seems to illustrate everything that is right and wrong and right about folks who use Linux for music (in this case, DJing at his brother's birthday party). Here's the bit where he reinvents the crossfader: "I couldn't find a proper simple JACK mixer program, so first I made my own. It has a scrollbar to select the mixing level, and a bunch of radiobuttons to change the mixing style between linear, fixed-then-linear, sudden and quadratic. The jack part just outputs the weighted sum of the two inputs."

lolz. Well I patched in a compressor to media player. I didn't write the code, just found some and hacked and recompiled mplayer with it.
That headline should be on a t-shirt.
Hm. I wanted a TB303 plugin, so I wrote one. Then I wrote an organ plugin, then a Solina Strings plugin, then a Karplus-Strong plunky plugin. In deference to Roland's legal department, I have to say that I'm not working on a Juno plugin. Nope. It's just a single-oscillator six-voice polysynth with a 24dB/oct filter, and a choruser built in, that just happens to (purely by coincidence) respond to Juno sysex messages. Not a Juno at all. Nope.

Gratuitous link pimpage: (the technical site, the "pretty" site is coming soon).
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