WTB: Yamaha P70 or P60 digital piano

As part of my ongoing bid to get music out of my 'little room upstairs' and into the rest of the house (first step: Acoustic guitar in the kitchen), I'm looking for a digital piano for the living room. Obviously this isn't my first choice. My choices, in order, would be: #1: A Rhodes 88, #2: A big ol' Harmonium, #3: A really nice upright piano. However, money, space and neighbours have convinced me that a low-end digital piano is a good start (I'm a terrible keyboard player). So, if you have a Yamaha P70 or P60 for sale, ideally cheap, ideally in London, then please get in touch... (pic via Tarotoast)
UPDATE: Thanks for all the suggestions. I got a b-stock P70 from Dolphin Music, very happy with it, spent the evening clunking out Philip Glass very poorly.

get one with speakers that looks nice. i bought a 500 quid piano with built in speakers by casio off t'internet and it's great.
I don't have one to sell you, but I have one of my own and I can only say good choice. I love mine.
Yup, if anyone can recommend alternatives to the P60/70, they should have built-in speakers, 88 keys, feel a bit like a piano, sound a bit like a piano, and not be finished in plastic silver or plastic brown wood.
...just think how many bontempi hit keyboards you could buy for the same money. i know it's not the same thing, but thing about it dude, they have reeds in them, and chord keys. awesome.
I don't know if the P60 and P70 use the same keyboard, but the P80 and P90 have a design flaw which makes them prone to mechanical failure. Until I replaced it with a Roland, my P80 was continuously going back to the shop to repair keys which went down and didn't come back up. Only makes a difference if you're an energetic player, like I am, but worth noting if you want to avoid a lot of hassle and expense.
Casio PX-110 is a good alternative too. A bit cheaper.
I tested P70 and PX-110 and both were very nice. Keyboard feel were almost the same.
Yamaha piano sound is a bit mellower I'd say.
Casio has more features.
I would also like to stand up for Casio's Privia line. I have a PX-400 (from the first generation) and love it, and they've only gotten better since then. Best key action EVER, and the sampled sounds are pretty damn good for something so cheap.
Yes, I have only one problem with the Privia PX-400:
Cripes, Tom. The Privia pic you linked to looks just like the exterior of my parent's estate wagon, circa 1977... woodgrain and all.
Sorry I don't have one to sell you either, but I do have a question of sorts...

My brother currently has a similar problem. He would like to get a digital piano for the kids to learn on. His wife would, however, like to get a real, upright, piano (more as a piece of furniture that happens to be playable, if you know what I mean).

So the obvious thing would be to put a digital piano in a case that looks like a real piano. But I've never found such a thing.

Do they exist? The only way I can see to do it would be to strip-out the internals of a broken real piano and 'install' a digital piano (or even just a midi keyboard) into the case.
Jason, the Yamaha YUS-1 Silent Piano is a real piano, with strings. But flip a switch (I think it's a pedal actually) and the strings are disconnected, but you can carry on playing through headphones using a digital sound chip. Only problem is it costs £5,000+
Jason: Or, there's this...
I was playing on a digital piano that looked to all intents and purposes like a real baby grand, just last week. I'm sorry I forget the product number but it was a Roland and sounded pretty decent to me, including built in speakers. Had strings and basic wurly/rhodes emulations too, which were good for Stevie Wonder impressions, though I'm sure the guys in the music store were like 'um...Stevie who?'

I have a Yamaha baby grand here but I have to say don't overlook the sound of an upright, I like my piano but I think I still prefer the classic 'Yamaha blonde' upright.
go out,buy a Fender Rhodes suitcase, get used to climbing over it to get to the front door. you will not regret it
Highly recommend a Korg Concert Piano like this:


It's got about 6 different sounds all which sound good. And 3 different reverbs.
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