This Amstrad Studio 100 can eat your ProTools rig

This ad for an Amstrad Studio 100 4 track / hifi combo is awesome. And it's good to see one still in use (and another!). (Thanks Mikey)

How long before there is a plug-in emulation of a channel strip? It could also have tape emulation and multicolored pop filter modeling.
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That is AWESOME! All it needs is a synth!
@Bross I Believe there are a bunch og channel strip emulators out there. And I know of a few tape saturation emulators too. Still waiting on the multi-colored pop filters though. Now that'll be the day I'll be able to make REAL music!
is that an acetate maker on top?
It's funny hearing NewYork folk talkin 'bout cans and hifis.
oh god seeing this thing again nearly brought tears to my eyes.I was so excited about this thing when I was a kid I saved up my pennies and bought one the week they came out.Unfortunately it was a piece of junk,it simply didnt work.I had to take it back to Dixons and after having direct contact with its build 'quality'asked for my money back rather than a replacement.Sorry Alan,you're fired.
I had one of these for my 18th birthday, along with a Yamaha DD10 "drum" machine and VSS200 sampler that I got from the Littlewoods catalog shortly before, I then added a 303 and 606 and started making acid house, fond memories. I actually still have some tapes I made with it and they don't sound too bad. Sadly my Studio100 died when my friend plugged the CV out of his SH-101 into it. Like all Amstrad stuff it was poorly built but the echo was quite good and the recordings were on par with other 4tracks of the day.
Wow... That's some funny shit! I'm planning a major rebuild of my place, maybe I should look into a solution like this!

@ bross: Try Metric Halo, McDSP or URS for channel strip plug-ins.
My God! I really wanted one of these as a kid, but my wise silver-haired mother saw it for the cheap shoddy piece of rubbish it actually was and refused to buy it. This was the era when Dixons sold music gear like the DG20 digital guitar (which I also coveted more than my neighbours ass)
had a DG10 not the deluxe DG20 which had midi,also purchased from Dixons,what was I thinking buying music gear from there?they barely know their way around the counter in there let alone detailed technical info on complex music items.i am a fool to myself.
This did self-destruct right? Pretty funny ad!
I hear the whole Richard D. James album was recorded on that.
"It's a HiFi, it's a Studio"

I'm sure that was sampled on something....
you know, the whole thing is done with stop motion, but that explosion at the end- I'm actually kind of baffled at how they did it- obviously it's played backwards, but the beginning of the explosion is also stop motion a little- weird.
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