Return of the synth cake! (Also vintage guitar FX cakes)

It's been a while since our last sighting of a synth cake, so I was delighted to hear from Benjamin, who writes: "My friends in the band Freezepop had a synth-cake party and they made..." this awesome SH-101 cake, an almost equally awesome (although lacking the tic-tac buttons) Oberheim DMX cake, and also these vintage guitar pedal cakes. A world salutes you, mighty synth cake makers.

A Baker Duff, who has a show on the American Food Network, has done a number of music themed cakes. The preamp is quite cool. There are a few other instruments in the list. Mostly guitars, amps and pianos though.
I liked the battle DJ cake with two turntables and the DJ mixer. It's called Technics on Duff's site.

The synth cakes are great. I'm waiting for a Moog IIIc version >:>
I always thought strapped on keyboards were cool. I like that left-hand grip thingy on that keyboard there.
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