How the Sony Walkman ad was made

Here's a short film about how the Sony Walkman ad (with all the musicians playing one note each) was made - at Alexander Palace in London in October. You might want to skip between 3:25 and 3:50 to avoid the marketing execs explaining how the ad embodies the maverick nature of some crap Mp3 players, but otherwise it's great. Were any of you there? The dude with the Moog Source at the front looks like an MT reader to me... (Thanks Fab)

ok already enough with all this fey plinky plonky forced 'quirky'music for ads

its become a massive cliche in itself..

the only thing that could have made that video more amusing would have been to have alternating marketing directors deliver each word of the cliches:





I'm not sure I noticed the cliches but the video didn't end until that fat lady sung. haha!

BTW, I was around when the walkman was invented.
Walkman? Invented?

All i know is that it's all about crazy musical camp!
xclent. thanks for posting it.
Lotsa synths for a fraction of a second. Moog Source, Little Phatty. Access Indigo. Couldn't make out the rest... around 3:56 is a good shot...
Anyone else think this is a typically advert-ersatz take on Glenn Branca's 100 Guitars that was happening in London at pretty much the same time?
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