Extreme hardcore synth pr0n in 3D - Jean Michel Jarre live

Here's a short 'making of' promo for Jean Michelle Jarre's new 'Oxygene Live in your Living Room' album/DVD. It's half in French and contains a great deal of blah blah blah, but you can see the phenomenal collection of vintage gear he used to recreate his 1977 album Oxygene (live, without using MIDI or sync). The DVD release also includes the whole thing in 3D, which you watch using old-fashioned red/blue paper glasses. I couldn't make much sense of the 3D, and the music is fairly ponderous but the DVD is the finest synth porn I've ever seen. I want to see it in HD, to better watch the tape loops spooling up the back of the two-manual Mellotron or read the patches on the numerous EMS Synthis scattered over the stage. There's also a wonderful seven minute film with Jean Michel talking you through the gear, strapping on his Moog Liberation, showing off his Arp 2500 modular and playing an old 1920s theremin.
UPDATE: Here's the JMJ synth walkthrough video on YouTube.

I remember there was a kind of video film of Jarre playing on tv in Osaka, Japan a few years ago, during Christmas actually. It just showed him singing and wearing those big white glasses. I just kept thinking how cool he was but never heard of him before that. Anyone know what film I'm talking about?
I can't believe nobody in this crowd has said it yet, so I guess I'll kick it off ...

He said "MOOOg" (like the cow)
instead of "Mogue" (like rogue).

for shame!
..."Moog" (like Buchla)

Everyone in europe says 'Moooo-g"

I'm sure I remember reading that in the Moog family, some branches say 'Moog' (like 'Moogerfooger') and some say 'Moog' (like Rogue')
Hmmm, I didn't spot his Synthex anywhere, which seems highly unlikely.
I have huge respect for JMJ,and i grew up listening to Oxygene,but I'm glad he's getting back to that stuff cause what he did in the 90's is CRAP.
I saw him play for 800 000 people at the Eiffel Tower 10 years ago and it was a pathetic attempt at trying to be part of the then exploding electronic/dance music scene.

This footage makes me drool though.
Did I just see a moog phatty?
It is just me, or does Jarre remind anyone else of an ageing gallic Wayne Campbell? It's particularly evident in the instrument video.
I need English subtitles for the French.
Ponderous? in a current era where the sound of striking a dud match being reversed is called 'minimal'

i dont think so.
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