YouTube Korg Kaossilator demos are funny

Korg's little Kaossilator touchpad synth came out in Japan last week, so a handful of demo videos have appeared on YouTube. White sunglasses baseball cap dude is definitely the funniest (he has more of the same) and Kaossilator blues is the most musically unlikely (harmonica blues solo). Meanwhile, American yellow glasses dude will make you never want to hear or make music ever again.

Yeah, yellow glasses American dude posts the worst videos ever. I mean part of me thinks he means well and the other part of me thinks he likes to show off his trust fund...

Sad really.
Korg must have been giving away sunglasses with the purchase of all Kaossilators.
do they work with video?
the first kaospad did..
Maybe the Japanese gentleman is just as much of a choad and I would get that if I understood Japanese. But yellow sunglasses guy is a complete choad. I think the trustafarian diagnosis is spot on.
Now I can finally send a legitimate email whose subject is 'Asian Virgins Live Online Internet Video!"
above poster...

Four bar loops are great!Its like having an Akai sampler with 4 seconds of memory. Who needs beat repeat!Who needs the 90s or the new millenium either. I miss Platypus records.

American Yellow Sunglasses has studied Corey Feldman movies. The worst part about his cheeseball patois is that he repeats himself again and again. He comes off like a pedophile practicing his pickup lines in front of a mirror.
What a machine! It's just like a real musician - it plays a 12 bar blues whether you want it to or not! Does it also get too stoned to rehearse, and run off with your girlfriend?
Thanks for the laugh, Steve. ^^
Aside, you should get a look at the other videos from Jet Daisuke, he seems to be a really funny and interesting guy (since you understand japanese).
He's started what he called "the shamy gadget videoblog" with crappy sound toys, I'm sure there's going to be some magnificent pieces of gear over there...
white sunglasses guys says:
umaku ikanakatta node keshitai to iu bai ha "rekku" no ba-ton oshite, "kyan", "canseru" to iu imi desu. hai tte iu hanasu to pi pi pi tte kikemasu. mou ikai ...


this looks promising...
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