A typical Music Thing reader relaxes at home

I love love love this painting by Chris Reccardi from his show at the M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs, California. According to Boing Boing: "Chris is a veteran of the animation world, having worked on classics like The Ren & Stimpy Show, The Powerpuff Girls, and Samurai Jack as a designer, writer, director, and even musician." The painting is called "How about fiddling with these knobs for a change, Aldo Cosmo?" 'Polyfonik', which features an excellent keytar, is also rich in awesomeness, and Op 2 is a rather more affordable gift for the Rickenbacker-owning bass player in your life.

the clock says 4:20, so he should take a little break.
haha yes. Hang out with the lady in the doorway as well.
Isn't that supposed to be her saying "THESE knobs?" ...
that painting is awesome

rolo need not duck, as the title is way above his head.

thanks for all the updates tom.
Amazing paintings! Just wish I had the cash to buy it & and the loft style apartment to put it in ;)
hmmm. this same idea was a "Packrat" comic about a year ago

boo for plagarism
these paintings are really bleh
bleh indeed.

ohhh good idea
That joke is about as old as High Fidelity Full Quality Orchestral Monophonic Sound! But still just as funny and true today.

I'm gonna take 2 guesses about this artist:

1. He's left-handed.
2. He likes those American television ads for Esurance.

OK, one more guess:
3. He owns a table with pointy legs.

But that was an easy one.
He's great. I hope he agrees to do some paintings for me.

Thanks for brining his web site to my attention!
My thoguhts exactly Awakened Yeti. I can certainly let it slide though... this guy is amazing, whereas I don't see any $2500-SOLD signs on any Packrat crap around MY pad...
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