Japanese melody road plays tunes through your tyres

Don't be distracted by the burst of DJ Mink's 'Hey Hey, can you relate?' at the start and keep watching. If you drive at 28mph along this road in Japan, the vibrations on your tyres play music. Presumably the next step is a duophonic version (different track on each side). Alternatively, here's how to mount a melodica in your car so it's played by the slipstream... (via Gizmodo, thanks to Steve and Martin)

I totally had that idea 5 years ago! no fair!!
I had this idea TEN years ago... but j-chot had the idea to complain about it first. Whatever the case, it sounds about as craptastic as I imagined.
Ha! It's hilarious that all the comments so far (all two of them, this makes three) are about us already having this idea years ago! Include me in on that.

Actually I bet you could also encode some kind of crude voice into the grooves... wouldn't it be freaky to have the road talk to you?
Is it in stereo?
Come on, EVERYONE who's ever driven on a rumble strip and has any sort of musical inclination has thought of this idea. I'm surprised it's taken this long for someone to finally do it.
wait wait I had this idea already too. but...we should make all US highways play the star spangled banner in perpetuity
thanks, now i'm going to have "hey hey! can you relate?" stuck in my head the rest of the day.
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