How much energy is your music gear using?

Inspired by this post and an enthusiasm for gadgets, I just got an Efergy electricity meter. Among other things, I can find out how much my energy my 'studio' uses.
The mains powered bits of my 'studio' consist of: 1 tower PC, 2 LCD screens, 2 external drives, Pod XT, Nord G2, MPC1000, DSI Evolver, MFB Synth II, Emu Audiodock, Dynacord VRS23 delay, Roland TR-909 (thanks, Peter), an old hifi amp and a Anglepoise lamp with a low energy bulb (ha!).
The verdict: With everything on standby, it's drawing 0.035kwh. With everything on, it's drawing .660kwh. With the gear on, but the PC (and screens) on standby it's drawing .192kwh. No wonder it gets warm in there in summer.
The average cost of residential electricity in the US was 9.86¢/kWh in 2006 - let's call it 10¢ for ease of calculation (I couldn't find a sensible average rate for the UK, but this suggests 10p/kwh isn't unreasonable). That means: Keeping everything on standby for a year = $30. Keeping everything on for a year = $578. Keeping everything on for 3 hours, five days a week = $51 (+ standby).
My observations:
1) I thought all those horrible external PSUs would mean standby costing a fortune. It doesn't, really.
2) That computer does suck a lot of power. One more reason to love hardware over software.
3) If I was really worried about standby, an Intelliplug would pay for itself in six months. 4) I wonder how much big old analog synths or valve amps draw?
5) The Fit-PC is pretty sexy (draws 5w of power, no fan, smaller than a paperback, costs £150) but I'm not sure it will play nicely with Ableton...

Do you mean kW, not kWh? kW is a rate of draw, kWh is an actual amount of draw (1 kW draw over 1 hour = 1kWh)
I bet your screen will pull the most...
Electrisave- Gone but not for Long..

As many of you will be aware the Electrisave has become the UK’s most-widely used and recognised energy-saving monitor since we launched it in the UK in 2005. However, it is with much regret that we now have to announce that the Electrisave has ceased to exist in its current format.

JJS, the Leeds-based family-run company responsible for the sale and marketing of the Electrisave, have a long standing friendship with the Australian inventor of the device and his company Wireless Monitors Australia PTY Limited. We were invited to market “Electrisave” throughout the UK, the rest of Europe and beyond. Electrisave was launched by JJS as sole distributor onto the UK market in May 2005 and, as a result of our considerable efforts, Electrisave has been a success story of which we are justly proud.

Unfortunately before the product could realise its full potential in the market place, without any consultation with us or any attempt to protect our rights as distributor, Wireless Monitors sold its interests to 2 Save Energy Plc, a UK company. Although we have received assurances that we would be retained as sole UK Distributor this has never been confirmed in writing and we have experienced a 50% price increase when we tried to place our first order which has in effect closed our business down. We have also learned that the Electrisave name has been dropped as part of a re-branding exercise.

We believe what Wireless Monitors did to be unscrupulous as, against our better judgement, they persuaded us to spend considerable sums marketing their product without the safety and security of a written agreement. Building on our success they then sold their product allowing someone else the opportunity to exploit the market which we had been instrumental in creating.

Needless to say we are extremely disappointed at the way in which we have been treated by Wireless Monitors who have done nothing to recognise that without our effort their product would not have been marketable. However we are moving on “older and wiser” from the experience.

We have now reached an agreement with a new manufacturer and we are pleased to announce that very soon we shall be launching an even better energy monitoring device and we are confident that with the expertise and experience that we have built up this will take the UK market by storm.

We take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their continued support and look forward to introducing our new product to you very soon.

If you wish to receive information regarding our new product or to commiserate with us at the way in which we have been treated please use the “contact us” page on our website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

John Lane and Melissa Hardy of JJS Trading Limited.


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