eBay of the day: The Ringflute. It's a flute. In a ring.

There's not much to the Ringflute (eBay link) that isn't in the subject line. It costs $39, is made of ABS plastic with ultrasonically welded seams and it was invented by James Johnson, who came up with the idea after, er, trying to demonstrate ocarina fingerings to a Chinese busker using a piece of hosepipe. You can find out more at ringflute.com, which includes this classic 'way to much reverb' sound clip. There's also a $500 wooden version, if you get into it...

sounds like... a flute.

don't really 'get it'.
yeh those ocarina fingerings are way too fucking complex and insane .. good thing this guy came up with a way to take off the unbearable and excruciating torment of ocarina fingerings

he is the next EINSTEIN!
Cool! I've experienced the difficulty of ocarina fingerings, too:)
All the best,

'Saw Lady'
always thought a ringflute was a variety of woodwind played through the arse. thanks for clearing this up.
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