Blackbird Rider carbon fiber acoustic has a hollow neck

This is the Blackbird Rider, a $1,599 travel acoustic guitar made from carbon fiber. They claim it's close to unbreakable: "You can play in a tropical rain storm and Rider will be fine. It can withstand a fall on a concrete floor without breaking.". The neck is just hollow carbon fiber, with no truss rod and a resin fingerboard. Even the headstock is hollow, so the whole thing is one resonant chamber. (via Uncrate)

/me wants.
Solid carbon fiber, and it still needs a pickguard...
When I heard this guitar at NAMM this year I really liked the way it sounded which is impressive for a travel guitar.
I make 'em. To clarify the uber-important pickguard issue. The tops are coated with an automotive clearcoat. Tough stuff but it can still scratch. The one-piece body/neck/head has a gel-coat (same as used on fiber-glass boats) which is much tougher. We can't use the gel-coat on the top because it is made with a different process allowing it to be only 1mm thick.
I have DVR'd an episode of "How It's Made" showing the process of making a carbon fiber cello. The website for the company who makes it is
I have an all carbon fiber Rainsong that sounds pretty damn good so it doesn't suprise me that this guitar would sound good too.
They sure need some new sound samples on their website
TOTAL SCAM. Save your cash. At $1,600, you can buy 7 or 8 Martin backpackers. I have had 1 for over 10 years, traveled all over the world with it and will probably keep it for another 10 - maybe 20. Then again, I don't play in the rain.
Apparently, it's nicer to hold than a Martin backpacker.

Unfortunately, it seems to sound like an 80s fiberglass Ovation.
They oughtta think about coming out with a travel violin too. I wouldn't likely buy a carbonfiber acoustic violin for it's sound, so there's no way I would even consider the prices they're asking for theirs, but if they came out with a cheaper version, I would totally consider buying an indestructible violin to drag to parties out in the woods.
A travel violin? Isn't that just like a... violin? Not exactly the most difficult instrument to lug around, is it?
Yikes this is ugly, it looks like its from the movie Starship Troopers
The point would be that it would be practically indestructible, and you could get it wet/drop it on the floor/spill beer on it etc. All things which I would take great pains to avoid with a real violin.
That is a really sweet guitar!
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Wow! Now that is one awesome looking instrument. I've heard about the blackbird from some friends but I wasn't able to find a good picture. So thanks for sharing this.
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