Sequencer controlled by Rubik's Cube - playable online

American/Frenchman Douglas Edric Stanley is professor of digital arts at Aix-en-Provence school of art, where he gets to build things like this sequencer controlled by a rubiks cube. It's an installation thing, not very clearly illustrated in this video. More excitingly, there's a playable online version (instructions here). This is Douglas' point: Most electronic instruments have a more-or-less obscure interface (lots of knobs and buttons), which can be intimidating. However, once you know what the knobs do, they're often very simple to use, with limited possibilities. With this thing, the interface is very immediate (everyone knows how to manipulate a rubiks cube) but it's phenomenally difficult and complicated to actually play - because every move messes up another side.

not annoying at all
discover why piano shaped controllers are popular
hm..sorry? could you tell me what is rubik's cube? or, would you give me other site to learn about it? because I'm interest thing like that. thank you!
ah ya, could I add your blog to my blogroll? thanks a lot!
actually a cool game would be to play a sequence and then try to match it on the cube....
Too bad its a Shockwave game. Nobody with a Mac newer than 2 years can play it. Which sucks, because I made a lot of Shockwave games myself, and my Macs don't like 'em any more. Wah wah, etc.
Many years ago I succeeded in resolving the Cube in 2-3 minutes!
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