Look what just arrived!

A Tenori On just arrived from Yamaha. I'll write more once I've got the hang of it.

i will wipe my arse on your blog if you say it's good just because they sent you a freebie.
tenori on your face.
Sod the Tenori, what's that Strat...thing hanging from the wall?
Well, I was waiting for someone to ask about the guitar. It's a short-scale Satellite. I was given it from a friend's attic when I was about 14, covered it in stickers & put in a Seymour Duncan pickup, then put it back into my parent's attic. I retrieved it a couple of months ago, stripped it back, painted it white and completely messed up cutting out a new scratchplate from hardboard. So the nice pickup isn't actually pointing at the strings...
Nice one. You're the man to answer my question: "Is the Tenori-on just a Pentatonic General MIDI Bollocks Generator or is it just that all the demos/reviews have been done by people with the musical imagination of James Blunt?"
@Spandex: I doubt I'm the person to answer that, as I have the musical imagination of James Blunt. But I'll let you know. There certainly is an element of general midi-ness to it, although the sound set is quite nice - if you liked Elektroplankton, you'll like this.
"Pentatonic General MIDI Bollocks Generator".

Someone trademark this name immediately.
I was gonna guess it was a kraimer, since it was sort of wonkey looking but customs are the bomb-digity
i thought diggity was spelled with 2 g's, dog
I thought dogg was spelled with two g's, but thanks for the sugestion
Elektroplankton was $30 this costs $1200...

Big diffrence.
is this thing similar to a monome?
Pentatonic General MIDI Bollocks Generator -- I like it!

Now we need a vintage version with a wooden frame. It can't have that phat analog sound unless some trees are cut down to make it.

Does it actually send MIDI, or are yo stuck with the sounds its already got in it?
I can't wait to hear your comments on the Tenori. Will you include some comments on how useful it is as a midi input device. For example, for programming drums?
I saw Robert Lippok do a live set last night with one of these...it was pretty interesting to say the least, can't wait to try one out...the sound set does sound pretty cool too...
Does the thing have bluetooth MIDI?
have fun.
It's beautiful ;)
bluetooth midi?!?
they make that?!?
that's fucking awesome~!
hell yeh dog, its the bomb-diggity, fresh slice thug money playa

pimp's up, ho's down! word, G

holla back
It's great !! I want it !!

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Bluetooth midi? Hmm... this thing doesn't seem to have midi sync, let alone wireless midi...
It certainly looks and sounds different than anything out there. Have fun!
Can you treat the display like an LED display so you spell out rude words?
Personally, I think the Monome (monome.org) would be a way better choice. First, trees are killed to make it, but the company contributes to sustainable manufacturing processes, doesn't contribute, through outsourcing, to governments that abuse workers, releases their software as open source, and their products are cooler (this Tenori On thing looks like plastic garbage) and capable of doing much more. If you're interested in a Tenori On, check out monome. I hope to get the smallest unit (64 buttons)when it comes out.
very nice blog
Hey, it's monday morning, and this rubbish is still at the top of the blog...
That's because a) I've been playing with my tenori on, and b) I'm in NYC for AES.
I'm still trying to figure out what it is.
"Pentatonic General MIDI Bollocks Generator".

Someone trademark this name immediately on millionairematch.com.
ha ha ha very fun
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