How to: Turn a pizza box into a laptop DJ controller in two minutes

Dave sends this excellent instructional video, showing how to turn an optical mouse, a greasy pizza box, a pair of scissors and some sticky tape into a reasonably functional DJ scratch controller. That said, I don't think it will be replacing the awesome new Livid Ohm Controller which Peter reports on at CDM.

I enjoy the grease splotches on the pizza box that will no doubt get on his fingers and thus on his laptop. I salute you, purveyor of greeze.
fantastic, I want one.
Grease...ok, but it looks like it needs some more lubrication... :)
bj pizza? is this cat from the NW?
Pure unadulterated genius
It's wonderful to illustrate how simple the concept is. Of course it could be further elaborated by anyone willing.
Awesome! I think I'm going to make one with wood and a real vinyl record! Check out the article I posted on this:
I think I might figure out a way to suspend a mouse over an actual turntable-- That way I could have the "record" spinning with realistic mechanics, and slow it down or scratch at will. All with no damage to a record or needle. Thanks for the inspiration!
hm if you use 1200's you should be able to put the mouse close enough to the platter's edge where the tracking bubbles are. or you could take a piece of vinyl and bend a piece of cardboard over the edge of the vinyl to help the mouse track your vinyl movement.
I saw many times at that someone eats pizza over dating. I also like the grease spot on the pizza box.
Okay, I this is going to sound a little trite.. but..

I also am not a mac user,

however BOTH PCVJ and Virtual DJ have a 'camera' scratch method that may work similar as well
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