Deviant Synth is the synth blog for people who hate synth blogs

Deviant Synth is the new blog from Eric Barbour of Metasonix (among other contributors). Eric has helped Music Thing out many times with facts/background/knowledge etc. The blog has a great manifesto - "We want readers to post twisted, schizophrenic synthesizer bullshit. Anything posted will be taken down if it is at all synth-collector oriented, chiptune-related, dull, or sheeplike... Links to schematics of exact copies of CS-80 filters are not welcome. Neither are links to fansites for Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, Can, Tangerine Dream, Ultravox, Gay Fairy Twinkle, or any other hideous 70s or 80s funny-haircut nostalgia keyboard act.... All tech must be ODD. Germanium transistors, arcane synth modules, vacuum tubes, steam-powered piston oscillators, whatever -- it has to be WRONG.. The picture above, of a prototype Sheryl Crow Sodomy synth is par for the course. Eric is looking for more contributors - anyone with a Wordpress account can post.

Hah, this will be entertaining. Early on in his career as a tube-synth purveyor, Barbour was involved in several flame wars on the Analogue Heaven mailing list. He can be quite nasty in E-Mails. Here's hoping he's similarly inspired on his blog.
I remember those flamewars. Theres a lot of very unstable and insecure people on AH, they could use a few more reality checks......
"Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, Can, Tangerine Dream, Ultravox, Gay Fairy Twinkle, or any other hideous 70s or 80s funny-haircut nostalgia keyboard act.... "

Stuff like this is exactly why I can't stand that fucking guy. Idiot.
Bite me, electro.mike. Show us what a genius YOU are.
I think it is snobby to pretend that music made with junk is somehow "better" than the music made with "digital" synths. To each its own. Most people don't have the time or the dedication to research amongst junkyards just to find a tumbledryer and pretend to do music with it. Or to make earthworms crawl on circuitboards.

Anyways, there are some nice machines in that forum, but most of the music i hear from the experimental side of electronic music tends to walk in the crap side of the moon.
Haha, funny how easily and predictably offended people are.
No hair?
Anal fixations?
No musical talent?

Great! Come to our blog.
You'll be at home while we make fun of people that have hair, musical talent and can talk the language of a 5 year old to look kewl.
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