Band play Abba's 'Mamma Mia' on numerous beer bottles

Haukur writes: "I thought you might like this band from Denmark (apparently dressed as the Pakistani cricket team) who play Abba's Mamma Mia on beer bottles". They're called Inflastikas, and they have a blog. But not a sampler, apparently.

The bottles sound sampled...
I bet they made this in the end of a party after drinking lots of beer... hahaha... pretty cool result... I am in an art academy in France and we are having a circuit bending workshop with an american artist... It's amazing how we can use simple and cheap objects to produce sounds...
Well, keep on with your blog, it's cool...
It's a cool sound. I'm danish and read on their site, they are practicing trying to play while simultaneously drinkng the beer!
Now that would be impressive! Alas it always degenerates into drunken sailor songs.

...and I gotta say, if the bottles are sampled. Then this is quite a lip-syncing performance...
I wonder if they tune up by gulping beer and spitting it back into the bottles.
As I wrote the description of this in an email to some friends, it invoked a sense of being in a Monty Python skit....

all the elements are there:
Danish band.
plays Abba.
on beer bottles.

and just to send it completely over the top: dressed as Pakistani cricketers.

Graham Chapman is laughing in heaven right now.
this is the white anglo saxon version of those south american indian pan pipe buskers that haunt every high street-the pakistan cricket outfits are a mystery though,maybe they were on sale at tk maxx?
Good ..
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This is pretty much the greatest thing I have ever seen.
Thank you for this :)

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Gawd... the drum track was such a buzz-kill.
Aren't these the same guys who did "Total Eclipe of the Heart" on old washing machines, etc.? Two of the dudes look eerily familiar.
How did they ever discover such a talent... And when they did, I'd have loved to see the advert in NME or whatever advertising for new members...

Someone offer them a release! I would you know, but I'm all maxed out on Danish bottle blowers for 2008.

Or maybe a compilation...? ;-)

Ace blog!

lv Jack Alcopop!
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