This is cool: Korg KAOSSILATOR Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer

Here's something interesting from a big manufacturer. The Korg Kaossilator (that link might have gone dead by the time you read this): It's a (presumably) cheap little box. 100 sounds, controlled by the x-y pad from a Kaoss Pad. Left-right controls pitch, according to one of 31 scales. Up-down controls anything else - cutoff frequency, modulation etc. Presumably it's playing arpeggios locked to MIDI clock. I bet it's fun, although it's rather unfortunate that the babelfish translation of the leaked German page describes it as: "a new cliche Synthesizer in the vest pocket format". No price or date yet. (Via Supermel74 and many other forums)
UPDATE: It's confirmed and real, UK price is £117.

I read the description and I swore this was a joke. have new pictures and info about it

looks like the real deal
Anyone who has tried to play music on the KP2 'synth' mode will know how ridiculous this idea is...
it's on their japanese site

out in november 2007 :)
On the other hand, if this had midi in it could be quite neat. Once someone makes a pocket-size midi controller keyboard.
lol... why would you need midi?

maybe that will be on the full sized ko-2 also with nice KP3 style touch pad display :D
It's just appeared on KORG UK's website – there's photos and more specs.
u.s release?


u s release jan 3 08
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