DIY mellotron built from four old walkmans

Here's a great (if slightly over-exuberant for my tastes) weekend project video from Make magazine, which shows you how to turn a bunch of $2 walkmen into a Mellotron (roughly). It was obviously inspired by Mike Walters, and his 14 walkman, 25 note Melloman. (Thanks, James)

by "over-exuberant" do you mean GAY!?
by "GAY" do you mean more annoying than your little brother on an 8-hour car ride?
Could someone explain why they had to open up the 'walkmans' and solder wires to get the sound out? I've always use the 1/8th inch jack for that. But it sure looks complicated! Hipsters are SO SMART!
they didnt have to open the walkmans, and i believe in the video or the pdf they say you can use a 1/4 in jack. it was probably just because its cheaper if you dont have extra jacks laying around.
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