Stealers Wheel dude gets his guitar melted by plug-in air freshener

From The Sun: "EX-JETHRO Tull member TONY WILLIAMS [who also played bass on Stealers Wheel's 'Stuck in the middle with you'] has blasted an AIR FRESHENER firm for 'ruining' his £2,000 guitar.
"The bassist claims he left his pride and joy near an Ambi Pur plug-in in his Blackpool house but the fumes melted its paint and varnish.
"He says the instrument, a mid-70s Fender Stratocaster, is damaged beyond repair.
Tony, 59, who was in the prog rock band in 1978, is now warning other musicians not to do the same thing.
"He said: 'I stood the guitar in the corner of the room near to an Ambi Pur plug-in unit. The next day, the paint and varnish had melted and dripped on to the unit.' Sara Lee, the firm that makes Ambi Pur, said: 'Our initial response is the product has not been used according to the guidelines.'"
Remember folks: be careful with your gear...
(via the always splendid Guitar Blog)

I believe these things may contain chemicals which aren't just bad for your gear but can also damage your health.
If it's beyond repair, can I have it?
hey sounds like an easy way to relic poly-finish fenders!
...or if I live closer than Mike, can I have it instead?
Yea, my wife stuck one of those car air fresheners with the bottle of liquid on my car's AC vent, like you're supposed to..

It boiled over on a mild day, melted a river of plastic into my dash and melted into my CD player/radio, destroying it.

Those things are bad news.
To quote the TARDIS, "everything dies."
Amusingly, GoogleAds managed to put guitar and air freshener Ads underneath the item.
You should all know that insect repellent can do the same thing if it comes in contact with an instrument's finish...careful!
If you ask me, the dude oughtta be pissed that he paid two thousand quid for a malaise-era Strat in the first place.
All this fuss over a 70s era Strat? I have one, and I wouldn't wish it on anybody.

btw, i found the hard way that spray pesticide ruined the plastic on my yamaha dx100 keyboard. it made the plastic all blistery and stained, like I had burned it.
Baww what a shame...

Maybe try keeping your house clean instead of relying on chemicals next time you earthen sod.
Serves him right for boring us to death throughout the years.
Next time, use a pig on a string as an air freshener!
IDK.. seems to me like anything that can melt the poly off a strat is not anything one would want to breathe in ones home!!!
What? Stealers Wheel Prog Rock? Um, maybe the radio format, definitely not the musical genre, however.
For the sake accuracy it should be known that it was Paul Pilnick the lead guitarist from Stealers Wheel who played the bass on... Stuck in the middle with you..the actual root idea of the backing came from him listening to Mungo Jerry's ..In the summertime. just before the first rehearsal,Paul Pilnick was with the original band of 1971 the members at that time were Rafertey. Eagan. Ian Campbell Bass...Pete Clark . drums. Paul Pilnick lead guitar. and the occasional Rab Noaks. the first recording of the band was.. You put something better.. for the John Peel show
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