Splice has absolutely the finest 404 page ever made

I won't say any more so as not to spoil the surprise, but Splice's 404 page is far more fun than you can possibly expect (warning, it makes noises and uses flash)... I'll post about the rest of the site in a bit.

you just made my dat. thanks, Tom and MT
that's the work of andre michelle
Wow. Uhm..... Wow.
Oh luvverly!
Holy shit. That is one awesome 404. It really should be a 303 page I suppose.

I wonder how they did it in flash. Could it be a bunch of samples loaded up as you change the knobs or it's an actual flash synth.
It's an actual Flash synth. This was not possible with Flash 8 or earlier, but with Flash 9 it's possible (yet tricky) to generate digital audio in realtime.

If you'd checked the rest of the site (the new sequencer) you probably wouldn't have said that 'bunch of samples' thing... :-)
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