Sex toy or boutique audio gear... can you tell the difference?

I'm not sure what Michael was looking for when he found this page (NOT at all SFW) specialising in 'Electrical Fetish' gear (for people who are turned on by receiving small electrical shocks in unlikely places), but he saw some stuff which looks like it should be on these pages. Without cheating, can you tell which of the items above are naughty and which are from the Analog Haven catalogue?

Well, I know for sure that Number 6 - the Lastgasp Art Laboratory Angel Ring Clean Boost Pedal isn't a sex toy (unless of course I'm using it incorrectly). A very nice pedal btw - does exactly what it says - gives you a nice clean boost. Also the gain knob goes up to 13!
1,2,6 are more for making music rather than a freaky brand of love, is my guess. Though I'm a bit iffy about #1.
Circuit bending--the final frontier.
I've seen #1 in person, and it is quite neat looking. Glad it gave me a chance to focus on something other than how bashful I felt among wall-to-wall leather gear. Ahem.
Well I know that #2 is an eoware filterbug, #3 is an FMR RNC, and #6 is the Lagstrap Art Lab AngelRing; so that must mean that 1,4 and 5 are dirty. Honestly though I clicked on the link to the dirty site before I even read the part about peaking, but I do know my audio gear so it would have just been a process of elimination. Next time I'll try not to compulsively click on links before reading ahead.
#1 is definitely not a musical device. P.E.S. may claim to be able to hit a certain note, but hearing women in heat is not always the best sound, musically that is.. :) check this link, wait 10sec and earn
I've met a contrabass player using an electric didlo on is bass for a quite interesting sound…
one thing is for certain, the sex toys won't be fetching high prices on the used market.

This post is so funny. But I really hope never to meet the EH Big Muff in a sexual setting.
I don't know if I'd call the FMR Really Nice Compressor "boutique audio gear".
I know number 3 is that FMR compressor so it's cleared from the filth possibility list as well
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