Scary hacked animatronic robots sing Fergie's 'London Bridge'

The mighty Retro Thing (and many other people) reports on the work of Chris Thrash, who bought three stages worth of vintage animatronic robots from a Chuck E Cheese restaurant, then reprogrammed them to play terrible pop songs like the gem above. This clip explains how the programming works, and there are tons of great videos on his YouTube page.

Comments:'s the most frightening and yet hillarious thing I think I have ever seen. I would pay money to watch this in person.
Check out his Lithium video.

An excellent light show that somehow makes me forget that the singer's a robotic mouse cheerleader holding pom-poms.
NO FREAKING WAY... that's amazing!
ha gr8
I think i'm going to have nightmares after watching this.
wow this would be really cool, if he had some decent video work. anybody know how i could get in touch with him directly?
That is awesome! I think this guy should open his own hillarious resteraunt or bar where patrons can bring a CD or an iPod and watch the creepy anamatronic animals rock out to their tunes. Or have these on stage during a live show and the real band playing behind the curtain Gorillaz style
I love the pairing of the terrible music and satanic animatronics.

Just wild.
I must correct you in that, while these are quite scary, they are from Showbiz Pizza, a precursor to Chuck E. Cheese. I spent many a summer as a child plugging tokens into skeeball and whack-a-mole to the tunes of the Rock-aFire Explosion (the animatronic band seen here) Their only LP is not to be missed.
that would've scared the crap out of me when i was little. jesus!
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