Prophet '08: The first picture

Here it is, from the DSI holding page. My thoughts: 1) Black case trumps Blue case. 2) Red LEDs trump Blue LEDs. 3) Dave Smith's taste in fonts remains remedial. 4) There's a limited version coming with Leopardwood end panels. Leopardwood is u.g.l.y. 5) Love the Prophet 5-style silver-topped knobs. 6) Nutters on the internets are saying it looks like a Sequential Six Track. They're wrong. It looks exactly like an updated Prophet 5. 7) I wonder if he is going to do an updated Pro One next - could it be any cheaper than a MEK?

Wow, I'm nearly giddy. I have long dreamed of owning a prophet 5, but I have been reluctant to shovel out $$$ for an aging polysynth with irreplaceable parts. DSI is doing good things; I hope they stick around for a while.

Nick picking: I wish that the pitch and mod wheels were down by the keyboard instead of up on the panel.
I think it's perfect just the way it is, hee-hee
MMM, nice and woody. Do they relic it for you, too?
DCOs? Bi timbral? Weird wheel placements? Lack of good FM?

This certainly made up MY mind-
I want an Andromeda more than ever!
G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) too strong...
Credit limit be damned, I'm buying this beast!!

Seriously, this is a dream synth.
Now, if only someone would make an updated Oberhiem Matrix 6...
Tom- thats a great post. I was just seriously thinkgin its time to make the PEK plunge. Are you going to wait around for this too?
It doesn´t look like a six track, it looks very much like a Prophet 600 imo. It doesn´t have polymod, so it´s no real prophet. No FM and no PW FM, but filter FM. More like a JX3p. Well that´s my opinion at the moment.
If they need some help with the panel, they can always call Rick Wakeman again. He says he designed the original Prophet 5 layout: see here. Weird, eh?
I'll bet it's a real Pro Phat
Without hearing it, playing with it and reading the details I'm not gonna to say more than I don't like the look at all.
Looks out dated to me.

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Anyway, I'm agreeing this P'08 board is a perfectly acceptable replacement for a Prophet 5, but the $2K might be better put towards something more powerful and versatile, depending on your taste...
mmm looks like a prophet.
assuming it sounds like a prophet.(limitations and all(not they're necessarily bad))
but i need to know...
does it taste like a prophet?
I've got some Leopardwood for you...
(To first-post-Richard, it isn't 'Nick picking' unless you are picking on a guy called Nick. It is 'nit-picking'... sorry I'm being such a pedant.)

about the Prophet8, I'd rather have a korg polysix, although I've just spent my last pay cheque on a virus b and now I can't afford my council tax. The Propeht8 looks a bit dull... they need to hire the guy who designed the Crumar Bit99, that's a smart looking synth, white synths are cool.
Yeah, highly in favour of red LED's as opposed to blue.
hmmm just listened to demo mp3. Is this the prophet sound? kinda new synth.
it DOES look more like the prophet 600 than the P5 (which i never bought after playing with a friends' board for years and watching him whince each time it powered up and he pressed auto-tune...)and the mp3 demo's arent THAT spectacular either.

However, if it retails at l000 or less pounds in the uk, then i'll sell my bloody voyager, as although this uses DCO's, which can be a bit cack if there isnt enough mod routing available, it's a damn sight more versatile than the moog.

Red L.E.D.'s and display are much smarter and crisper too! :-D
Received my '08 today. Lot's of initial trepidations being that I own an A6, Jupiter-8,Rev2 P5 and a Juno-60.
The unit as a whole feels solid.Wall wart for power.
The knobs are on the cheaper side and have a little play if you wiggle them; a little sloppy.More than what should be reasonable me thinks; especially when you compare it to the A6.

Only initial thoughts regarding sounds;I've played with it for about an hour and a half:

After programming a few sounds from scratch, this thing sounds amazing: the strings are so, so sweet(especially after detuning the osc's. There is also a OSC 2 slop adjustment which adds a nice bit of subtle drift while staying perfectly in tune.
I really love my P5 Rev2 for it's percussive wood/organic-like sounds(Richard Barbieri anyone?) and was really curious how the 08 would compare.
I'm happy to say they're like 98% there.

I still have yet to work on bass sounds but did tweak a couple presets to get some nice boinky Juno basses.

What really has blown me away is that, to my ears, the 08 sounds like a rev3 P5/juno-60 hybrid. I can see covering a lot of ground with this baby.

Not a whole lot of preset space; total of 256. I have to say DSI did a nice job with the presets; nice variation that are useable. My A6 was way to full of techno-like presets which I completely sand-blasted.

Only initial thoughts. Plenty more to investigate.

I will be strongly considering selling off a few pieces. ;)
This comment has been removed by the author.
some total rubbish posted above I bet from someone who's never actually been near the synth to try it out . Have a go on this yourself because I think you'll end up agreeing with me - it sounds * very nice* .
anyone who's downing the P '08, youre a whiner. Just because you cant utilize the instrument doesnt mean it isnt that great. "A bad worksman always blames his tools"
Who the fuck cares what it looks like, how does it play?

I was looking for a review and found this and everyone is just commenting on the wood, the fact its not black the color of the LEDs... who cares?

To all the people that actually commented on sound/ features thank you
P'08 is on sale in Asia yet ?
The Prophet 08 seems to be on sale in Korea and Japan, maybe elsewhere in Asia too.
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the P'08 sounds lovely - the best of old and new dave smith sounds for me. with the above about the Prophet 08 in asia, it may be best to just mail the company and ask them.
I have one of the First prophet 08 modules and it has nice potential. There are TONS of tweaky elements and the patches are all rubbish.

And I am finding control changes that exceed 127, the display does not manage input focus correctly... for more + a midi control change chart I wrote to deal with the issues.
The Prophet 08 is a great sounding and highly versatle polyphonic analoge synthesizer for >$2000. Who cares what it looks like. You guys sound like a bunch of chicks buying a purse.
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