Octopulse: Stupid analog art bagpipe noise box

I can't see anything to suggest that Octopulse is a prank, but it certainly looks like a joke - from the straight-faced Yoko Ono lookalike in the video to the corporate funding (from Yamaha) to the five abandoned blogs to the blurb on the site: "She challenges us to rekindle the lost art of happiness—using neo-analogue playpower.". (Thanks, FMass)

Isn't it just a college art project, rather than a prank?
Yes, it looks like yet another college-of-design project. It reeks like the pointless postmodern/pseudo-Zen/ad copy/Photoshopped new culture magazines I've seen.

It's like the "coolness" of design without the hard work - like an iPhone shell with nothing inside and no real human-factors design.
I... I think I want one of those.
im pointing at them and laughing
I think they found all of their human models at the local shopping mall hanging around outside the hot topic. As for the thing itself, I don't even want to speculate where I think it came from, but I suspect it involved hard drug use and a looming final project deadline.
Completely ridiculous and would never sell, and it sounds horrible.

I want one, though.
this is awesome! finally someone who has a vision that goes beyond boys bedroom mentality! WHERE CAN I BUY ONE? would love to play it on top of my other synthies!
Sounds like a bad dialup connect
Of course it's an f*ing joke, c'mon. That Zoolander like expression of faux-elitism on her face, the total disconnect between her motions and the noise being produced, the hilarious posturing, Yamaha? You guys are so eager to make fun of artists you can't tell when they're making fun of themselves.
you must be eager to seek refuge in the fantasy where pretentious "high artists" are really hipster comedians

this is a quote from her website:

Her work is addressing the alienating nature of modern urban life, her objects prompt the rediscovery of lost basic emotions—referencing tactile, domestic forms but using touch and play to combat the monotony of urban life. Aware of the new reality of post-materialism she asks the question of how to add value to the experience of design, using an eclectic alchemy of different mediums and disciplines. Combining tactility driven product design with filmmaking, performance, graphic design and music, Brit Leissler lets Art & Commerce go to bed together to create bastard children that intrigue with their ambiguous characters. Through her humorous and inviting work she challenges us to rekindle the lost art of happiness—using neo-analogue playpower that works on a conceptual but also utilitarian and emotional level.
I think it's real, though kind of makes Chris Morris redundant.
Anyway, hardly as bizarre as this : http://www.we-make-money-not-art.com/archives/009641.php
i dont get the fuss you guys are making about the octopulse. i think it is a cool synthie toy, realised with true style - and c'mon: any synthies and noise makers featured on music thing sound in a way like this! just because it looks better than the usual "black box" seems to be enough for you guys to get nasty!
It's tentacular! But boring, and i'd rather have a moog.
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Octopulse!! its awesome and i've seen it! touched it! heard it! and felt it's power! Yup, it's that good trainspotters and your either cool enough to get it or your on a subliminal trip to nowhere and you don't!
Anyway, i want one and i want it NOW! when will they be avaliable! (and Her..oops sorry!)
Sure She's a ' Post Modern RCA Designer Girl' but so what? better than being some sad retro guitar geek with no sense of of irony!
What i like most about the Octopulse is that it's 'empowering' anybody can use it and...well, make a noise' great stuff!!! more!
Jay T
if you are the type of person that "gets it" im sure as hell glad i dont
hey "awakened" yeti - you might be awakened but your brain still seems frozen. you strike me as one of those people who don't do anything themselves but have a big poisoned mouth towards everybody who dares to create something that implies a bit of style and taste to get it. who do you think you are, critisizing anything and anyone without even putting up your profile or showing anything about yourself. you seem to be one of those sad existences that just sit in front of a computer all day long, stupidly and ignorantly judging the world without having any ideas or drive on your own. i point at you laughing! LOUDLY!
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