New from Line 6 - the Pod X3 and Pod X3 Live

Vettaville gets the scoop on the new Pod range from Line6. There's a new Pod X3 to replace (presumably) the XT and a Live version. There aren't many details although Line6 forum speculation and leaked specs suggest it can do two amps at once, but isn't a whole new modelling system. It may also have guitar and bass models in one unit. I think it's remarkable that Line6 persist in making weird-shaped, weird-coloured things with plugs in strange places...

I smell stagnation in the pod-market.
neat to see this on one of the main music blogs I read. :)
Just bought a s/h XT Live and the 1 feature I wish it had from the vetta is the ability to run 2 amps at once and now this is leaked the week later. Typical way of GAS
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What they really need is one with some wooden end caps.
2 amps at once? Wow - they caught up with the 5 year old GNX.
But the GNX models sound like they're getting squeezed out of a metal can. A digital one.
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