Dude plays really enormous home-made Flying V guitar

Is it a really small guy, or a really big guitar? Only you can decide (another clip). I know what you're thinking. 'Dude, that's a really big guitar!' But wait: this guy in Portugal has made a really, really big guitar, and this guy made two, and is working on a Les Paul. However, if you see this really big pink guitar, call the police, because it's been stolen. ps: I know you've had a lame couple of days of posts. That's because my Modboard arrived, so I'm learning to solder. (Thanks, Dave)

Now all he needs is a giant tuner...
That's *one* way of modulating down a half step...
...you're all missing the point. 'Music Thing' has devolved into a YouTube mouthpiece.

You used to be original! I'm not paying your wages granted, but


You used to be great.

You still can be. We love you.
musicthing rules. youtube clips fine.
So what's on the backside of the modboard? The side they never show in the photos?
Well, I'll post once my new camera arrives - it's a bunch of surface-mount resistors and a bit Artec chip, presumably the one used in this: http://artecsound.com/effect/se-adl.htm
So what board did you get, the delay one?

oh, and I have to admit, anonymouse 6:19pm has a point about the recent spate of youtube stories not being a substitute for the better stories with more details than you used to do.

but then again, youtube was not around then, and some people think that video is better than reading.

not me.
as long as I've been reading, musicthing has always been entertaining. the youtube remark could be said about pretty much the entire internet, to some extent.
Is there a lot of soldering to do on the board then? It looked pretty much finished from the side that they show.
You will have to "do" the 20 second looper next
http://instructibles.com/id/EFKSQRX8Z0EP287017/?comments=all (parts from Rapid in the UK total about £10 - fun and easy build)
No, there's only a tiny tiny amount of soldering (attaching battery clips and jacks) but I'm completely useless at it. Also, I didn't want to install it IN a guitar, and I wanted to modify it a bit. I finished it last night in a temporary box and it's great. Has a small red button on the front which short circuits a couple of legs on the chip for 'kick the spring reverb' type feedback effect.
Blimey, that guy has been building that giant Les Paul for years now. He's not updated in ages. I wonder where he's got to.
I think it's Dennis Waterman - he's probably recording the theme tune for some telly series he's starring in.
@ anonymous:

"youtube mothpiece"? Please. Would you rather just read that some guy built a huge Flying V, maybe with a couple static images, or actually SEE it? MusicThing is still great; just because it's adopting technologies that are available doesn't diminish it in any way.

Perhaps you'd like to show us all the way it should be done?
Yeah... I got that whole "write the feem toon" vibe too.
The only complaint I have about this blog is having to read through people's posts complaining about it.

This video was fucking awesome and completely worth my time.

Just enjoy, people, jeez.
All I can say is 'wow' it's great
They'll never find that big pink guitar.. By now it'll have been broken down into parts and ebayed to giant guitar relicing market.
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