Dude builds wah-wah boots from boots, wah-wah pedals, gaffa tape

John writes: "Howdy, Dano from Beavis Audio Research sponsored a small d.i.y. contest over the weekend. My entry was a pair of d.i.y. Wah-Wah Boots (with sneaky cable pants)." There's not really a lot I can add, is there? (Thanks to Gary, also)

Can't wait for some hot shot to invent a pair of vocoder boots.
this is why i love this site
And to think that I have seen everything...
So does he run them in series, one after the other, or in parallel, splitting the signal and then mixing them back together?
Hah! That was awesome. I loved the falling down bit.
homeboy needs to invest in a toenail clipper.
that's the only lol i did in the last few hours...thanks! (markoos)
I also want to know if they are in series or parallell.
this would be an amazing stage gimmick. not sure if there any bands up to it left around any more, though...
They sound like they are in series. sometimes the signal gets 'filtered out'. I don't even have one wah pedal so i can't try it out.
But did he "Wah" his "fuzz" or "fuzz" his "wah"?
The guy is obviously nuts! ;)
haha, around 1:20, they look more like epilepsy boots. Seriously, i need me a pair of those!
pause at 24 seconds!! do it!!
That's genius, all he needs now is a distortion suit to go with them!
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