When a cat pees in your microphone

Here's what happened when MT reader J_Chot didn't put his microphone away properly. Does make me wonder about the state of his house... (via em411)

Good ..
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Yeh. Shoot this idiot, and give the remnants of his mic and the rest of his gear to someone who will appreciate how lucky they are, and treat it well - but sell one item to pay for whatever it is that the cat needs (needs training or is unhappy because it lacks something, if it is whizzing inside). Problem solved.
for the pee smell you should let the cat poo on it as it covers the pee smell.
But will still smell like shit ;)
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Forget his complacency....what baffles me is how he can put that damned piss stained thing to his mouth !!!!

Maybe it's not the first time he's held 8 inches of urine soaked length to his mouth ?

That's why cats and studios don't mix. Get a fish tank. I had a cat that peed in my keyboard case and the damn thing STILL reeks!
Yeah, I thought I might have been sympathetic to this guy but then he related exactly how it ended up happening, and all my pending sympathy went away. The way he described it, it didn't even sound like the cat peed on it, so much as it rolled off the desk and landed in a puddle of cat pee which was already there.

Get the cat a cat box, and get the mic a mic stand. Both problems solved.
Also, now I want someone to do a song, "When a cat pees on a microphone" as a parody of "When a man loves a woman."
Between the Alpha Juno in the background, the incense, and the cat pee, it kind of reminds me of my college days.
In the words of Eddie Murphy: that's just nasty.

Clean up your place, dude. A lil less pot and a lil more sweeping and picking up the crap.

If the cat's pissing outside the litter box, something's wrong, cuz they don't like to do that:

1. the litter box is too nasty for the cat to stand [seems likely from the story]
2. He's really upset about something. I had a cat that did this because I moved to the city and wouldn't let him go outside anymore. We battled. He won. I let him go out often, and he stopped the pissing. We lived happy for years after that.
3. The cat might have a urinary infection. That happens to cats. Make sure he has PLENTY of FRESH CLEAN WATER, change his water every day [how hard can that be?], and everybody'll be happier.

Or let him leave if you're not gonna take care of him.
first off:

the cat does not pee in random places in the house. It's treated better than I am, and it's a mystery why the cat decided to pee behind a box, that was under my keyboard stand.

second off: the bottom rack of the
stand partially collapsed causeing the microphone to roll backwards into the hidden bag/pee.(I'm pretty sure that's how it happened anyways) on a side note, I cannot find the allen wrench I need to fix this :(

third off: I thought the microphone was in the closet to begin with, let alone, not out on the floor, in some pee.

forth. the microphone only *faintly* smelled of cat pee at the time, after the rigorous cleansing. it currently does not smell at all, even though there is some corrosion on the body of the mic.

anonymous, you can go and fuck yourself, you pious gear-worshiping judgemental shithead.
and I don't smoke pot. thanks for the judgement.
vinegar takes the pee smell out of anything, i always keep a gallon of it around.

cats are nasty
"go and fuck yourself, you pious gear-worshiping judgemental shithead"

that's lovely!

i particularly like the way you called him pious and gear worshipping and then said he was judgemental.

you just can't make that stuff up.

i also find it pretty funny that lots of people are having a go at you when you clearly don't deserve it.
you cant make something like that up? wow you are dumb
u might want to hear this:
Heh. I know this guy personally. One of maybe two or three people who get into synths in the whole city of Huntsville.

He does a great "In the Club" remix.
"you cant make something like that up? wow you are dumb"

i'm guessing you are american, right?

you see, there's this thing we have here in england called sarcasm - perhaps there's a dummies guide that you could read?
The reasons we Americans don't understand sarcasm is that we are all honest, straight forward people who use words to communicate our meaning, not to obsfucate that meaning, or veil our feelings.

Now, that sarcasm, you baked bean for breakfast eating git!! You should have a good American style breakfast, like say a breakfast burrito or Huevos Rancheros.

Many Nerds won't be returning. Some old timers I remember from last year, people like Trenchcoat Mafia, Silk Dragon Shirt, probably won't be coming back next year.
Spamming blogs I put their names up, immortalizing them, if only until the blog owner erases everything::::
1. Trenchcoat Mafia
2. Silk Dragon Shirt
3. The Distinguished English Gentleman
4. Beta Nerd, and of course
5. Rosie The Transsexual
Rosie's original name was just Rosie, due to his rosie cheeks. They shared he has a high level of knowledge, a tactic the gods employ to create a false sense of security. This of course is the segment which they dump so many transsexuals into.
I too enjoy irony, and therefore Rosie has now become Rosie The Transsexual.
Who else has a nickname in the NerdRoom?

I'd like to remind you many of the people in the NerdRoom are good men. I hope this is reflected in what they are allowed to learn and the progress they're allowed to make.
I'd also like to remind you their predecessors, REAL nerds from a generation ago who fill the computer swap meet, are WONDERFUL men, and since I likely won't be going again I want to remember them as well.

Actually the comparison of the two is a testiment to the devolution of society which will be used as justification for the Apocalypse:::
Today's nerds are NOT wonderful men. They grew up with the internet and many consider pornography as an acceptable vice. They gamble freely, enjoy evil imagry in video games, engage in sexual pursuits their predicessors never did.
This issue is a microcosim of our deterioration.
most useless thing ever posted here.
I beat out the jug!
Man, you're just full of excuses.

You can't find your allen wrench cuz your place is a mess. You didn't know where your mic was cuz your place is a mess. Clean it up and maybe the cat won't piss on the trash (grocery bag on the floor? come on, man, get serious). Still, the cat probably needs to see a vet. They don't piss just anywhere unless they are sick or angry.
hey everyone.. time for a useful comment. So microphones.. people sing into them. People have bad breath. It's pretty common for live mics to smell like asshole after cigarette smoking, beer drinking musicians sing into them all night. A very good way to clean microphones is with cheap vodka. Takes almost any odor away.
why are musicthing reader's so mean?
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