Probably the strangest music videos you will ever see

Remember Godfried Willem-Raes, star of Peter's wonderful GW-R Week some time ago? Godfried is still going strong. He recently discovered YouTube, posting up numerous amazing videos. The awesome clip above shows Godfried and a friend playing QT, his automatic circular pipe organ using Picradar movement-to-midi system (contains full frontal male and female nudity, BTW). Then there's the sensopole, which is absolutely the most unlikely combination of art, music and full-nude pole dancing you'll see this week.


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I see London
I see France
won't wear underpants!
That's some tight shit!
Yea, but can they play it WITH clothes on?
Truly, this is what the Web is all about. Electronic design (18 CPUs!), wood carving, metallurgy, crazy music/performance and two nude Belgians. My soul has been nourished by the knowledge that such acts of creation are taking place in the world. Thank you very much.


John :^P
...and here I am just sitting in front of a macintosh using ableton live. God I feel like such a SISSY.
....The 'sensopole'?

Totally awesome man. Finally, Music thing is back on message.

Now please no more mongoloids playing 'Zelda' with a recorder stuffed up their nose.
It sound like those Raymond Scott's experiments from the 60's.
you wanna get naked and play my organ?

(can't believe I was first with that)
Sounds like the keyboard solo from White Stripe's Icky-Thump.

This guy sucks and is a total phony. If he was any good, he wouldn't have to get naked.
Don't you ever compare this to Raymond Scott again, EVER! Raymond Scott knew how to make music. In fact, he SHOULD be on the musicthing hall of fame!
why do i find this uninspiring?
...uninspiring perhaps. But look at it from another perspective - aside from the obvious question of why you would want to do so, could you take your clothes off and make that kind of racket with some loony home made contraption in front of (I'm guessing they didn't pay) an audience of well wishers and friends and friends of friends?

It does take a certain level of dedication and courage. And you have to respect that - there's no way around it. You could never characterize this guy's live show as one bloke checking his email on a laptop.

Different doesn't have to be good, and Good doesn't have to be different, but sometimes the dish runs away with the spoon.

And God only knows what this guy would do with those runaways.
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