Piece on 'Get rich blogging' in The Times today

Regular readers might enjoy this piece I wrote for the Times today, containing the full sorry story of the Music Thing shop... (I also did 'Ten ways to get rich blogging')

As my good friend Steve once said;

"Money's no good if your village get attacked by a bear."

I think that sums it up nicely.
Bravo, Tom, for telling it like it is. Actually, even if you look at some of the biggest properties, the actual profit is minimal compared to traditional media. This thing is still very young. And figuring out how to support the good writing financially remains a major challenge.

Fortunately, I'm getting filthy rich by writing for music tech print ma-- nope, wait, something wrong here. ;)
luckily, alot of us blog-readers get paid by unknowing employers to read your blog instead of working... so everybody wins!
Nice article Tom, at least you enriched my life... Btw, would you consider paying me for linking to your blog ?
neat piece.
great blog.
ty fo it.
Good to hear that you're still getting a kick out of this blog. It's been part of my daily reading for well over a year now.
title should have been "Get rich or blog trying."
Tom, I love this blog.

When blogging started i read a few and even read a few regularly, but when I found this one, all the others where seen to be the utter crap that they are.

I have to move soon and disconnect my net connection and phone, and really the only thing I will truly miss about the internet is this blog.

I may even break a lifelong abstinence and start using an internet cafe to check in for my weekly dose.

Not only is this one of the funniest things on the internet, no, by far the funniest. It's also been a huge educational resource for me. I wouldn’t know where to begin. ChipMusic, Lemur, OddMusic, PitchToMIDI guiatrs and basses and pianos and so much other awesome stuff I'd never heard of, but now feel that I can't live without.

So thanks, Tom. I hope I can get to an internet cafe soon and keep following the awesomeness of this MusicThing. I hope I can watch Godfreid dance n the nude again, I hope I can revisit MIDI bagpipes and be there when Cikira actually produces an album of her patented 'new age hyperelectronic space music'.

And I hope one day someone will post a link to L Ron Hubbard's Space jazz album composed on a Fairlight. I've never heard it, but I'm sure much learning and hilarity will ensue.
You should pay me too! I also link to your website.
I wonder how many people have come to your page from my page...
Get rich or blog trying.
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