Nullsleep's gameboy busking in NYC

The always-entertaining Palm Sounds links to this wonderful video of Nullsleep playing live at the corner of Church and White in NYC. Of course, the Japanese do it a little bit bigger (More Japanese chiptune busking). Rather less epic, but quite charming, is this Ukulele and Gameboy Jam.

first post!
Cool to see you guys pick up on this. Also its funny that you mentioned the Tsuji Techno crew in Japan as well.

Here is a video clip of my performance with those guys in Fukuoka during the International Chiptune Resistance World Tour in 2006.
impressive and inspiring as usual!
this is a nintendo pad with midi ! look !
get a real job hippie!
i keep waiting for the street sweeper to blast this dweeb out of the alley- whoooshshsh!!!
u imagine this is what the on-hold music is like in hell....
just plain awful
I liked the song, but what is he really doing live? Isn't the music sequenced before the show? Or is he inputting some parameters on the fly? (I don't know what software options are available for the GB...)
He doesn't do much ,does he ? So much for street-entertainment.

Boring, actually.
I like to write music for my cassette tapes. I then stand on street corners and play them through a boom box. The most difficult part of playing live is having to pretend to press the buttons on the boombox so it looks like I'm playing. Sometimes I even wave my arms in the air, as if summoning music from the heavens. Thankfully the audience don't know that it's coming from a rather more down to earth cassette tape.
But alas it is WE who hold the claim to Ukulele and Gameboy alloy, as the forefathers of the illustrious, if not somewhat obscure... neverminds.

here is our Myspace. check us out...
Amazing violin sound from that gameboy, Casey ;)
When I went to japan I saw this backpack that was speakers. that's right, a ghttoblasting, speakers backpack! that would be great for busking hh? JVC i think.

anyway this clip exposes the bondary that this guys pushing in terms of live performance. Beyong start / stop, wave your arms there's not too much you can do i spose. now if he had a coupla more boxes wouldn't that be better? tweak them, fx them?
THAT is the pure TSUJI TECHNO spirit!!!
keep it upp man!!
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