Now you can play your hemp guitar through hemp speakers in a hemp cabinet

This is The Fatty, a speaker cabinet built from hemp board, covered in bamboo, and loaded with hemp-coned speakers. Yours for an eye-watering $1,499. Perfectly matched with the Hemp Guitar I wrote about a few months back. The cabinet is made by Hard Truckers, who used to run the Grateful Dead's sound system and now produce very expensive gear, including gruesome tie-dyed speaker grills. Damn, these baby boomers have a lot of money.

Isn't the whole point with industrial hemp supposed to be that it is significantly cheaper to manufacture?
If you blow em you can smoke em....
not the whole point, its more sustainable than chopping down 100 yr old trees, etc. - supposedly can be more durable as well

not necessarily cheaper, especially since its still a realtively specialized process
Jesus rode a bicycle made of hemp.
Wow, this is so cool. I'm a bit of an environmentalist so this is the perfect piece of gear.
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