Not the new Nord Modular G2 from Clavia

Oh, if only. These are a pair of genius photoshop mockups (by Crystalmsc on the VSE forum) of long-awaited-but-non-existent new products from Clavia. On the right, the Micromodular G2. The original Nord Modular from 1998 came in three flavours - one with a cute two-octave keyboard (also available in lego), a rack with knobs and a display and the micro modular - an almost stomp-box sized unit with four knobs, which was pretty cheap at launch and now sells on eBay for about $300. Then the G2 Modular arrived in 2004 with two wondeful but expensive keyboard versions and the G2 Engine - a faceless 1U rack. So, what everyone really wants is the G2 Micromodular, which would look exactly like the unit above and cost about $700. Crystalmsc also imagines an unbearably cute 2 octave keyboard version, with an x-y pad. What I'd really like to see is a G2 Stompbox: A metal box, a big on-off switch, a few knobs and a 8-way program switch, into which you could download your own effects units using the genius editor software (which you can try out in the free, monophonic G2 Demo). Anyway, none of these products are ever going to appear, because Clavia are making too much money selling stage pianos and organs to worry about us synth geeks...

Or because they're busy working on the greatest digital synth ever created, and as far as I know, the only VA that will let me carry a Bösendorfer inside.
nice. i love my micro, i'd buy the hell out of a G2 version.
The "wave" is not a true successor to the nord lead 3. It will not cater for sophisticated multi-sampling or velocity switching. So your plans for a bosendorfer are out.
After having revolutionized interfaces with the NL3, and Mod2-they seem to be taking a big step back from the pro market with their new interfaces. Shame. When I switch presets or work with a computer, I want the knob values to reflect their true positions. Is it too much to ask? The radias, vius t.i., etc... all get it wrong. Here's hoping Waldorf do something intelligent.
yes, very sad to see that clavia is leaving the fantastic NL3 interface behind - my decision to buy a NL3 was in large based on the LED knobs.

I heard it was because of cost reasons they left it out on the nord wave, but hell, if behringer can make a bcr2000 and sell it for 120 bucks then clavia should be able to keep the LED knobs... plus I don't think the average nord buyer will moan about a higher price because of the special knobs; most of us would gladly put out 300-400$ more to get that interface on the wave I think.
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