Nice, unexpected Q&A with Steve Albini on a poker website

Rachel writes: "This is a link to Steve Albini answering all manner of blunt questions on the 2+2 poker forum. Why? I dunno. Fake? I dunno. Awesome? Yes." One commenter does point out that Steve already has a very active forum at his Electrical Audio site. Of course, the finest Albini text is his wonderful The Problem with Music, which you've probably already read.

I read somewhere else that he had become an online poker addict.
The "problem with music" article is really wonderful, but my favorite piece of Albini's is the final Big Black tour diary, from 1987, i think it was?

any musician who has ever been on tour will definitely enjoy reading it.
It certainly sounds like him,I believe it. Cool guy
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on the last page "albini" replies with the response "LOL"

the autheticity here = bullshit
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