More super-hot schoolkid-built DIY electric guitars

Remember Paul's guitar-building project in NYC High Schools from last year? He's back: "Another school year has come and gone, and this time we focused a lot more on the look of the guitars. The kids spent a lot of time designing, making and painting the bodies. There's one shaped like Barbados, a star, a spider, a heart, two spongebobs, and lots of other shapes. And as always, the guitars sound great! A lot of the music we recorded was lost in a hard drive crash, but some of what survived is in the background of the slide show. You can see: The kids making the guitars and winding their own pickups, the guitars as they're almost done, and some of the amplifiers and kids making square wave oscillators and more of the guitar building process." Once again, the music is awesome, as are the guitars. It's a great project, which is always looking for funding and help: If you have tools, materials or cash, contact paul [at] (When he's not teaching, Paul builds his own crazy-ass experimental instruments.)

"some of the amplifiers and kids making square wave oscillators"

this made my evening :D
paul is SUCH a great guy - these projects and his own instruments are always incredible.
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