Letter from Puerto Rico

Pachy writes with flattery: "Hey hey! Just a musician writting from Puerto Rico to let you guys know how musically informed we are because of the Music Thing web page. Its a really good source for further inspiration in seeking for new sounds and musical experiences. Over here in the tropics live a lot of good musicians with awesome ideas, good dedication, but the whole island is in a whole other musical tour. Too much reggaeton took over the island. So, since mt keeps us well on track, and since you guys are music lovers just like us, I just though I could send you links on bands you should hear that are being cooked here:" Pachy recommends (apologies for the MySpace links):
hE (human error)
Go Organ!
Discuss (pictured)

Hello from Puerto Rico. I'm also a daily reader. I'm a bed room producer and DJ with little time. I play around with blogs (http://theDJblog.com/ and http://oscarrodriguez.info/) but I'm a full time software architect and team leader. Also working on my MBA so that gives you and idea of my crazy schedule. Keep the good work and sorry for my English.
Another daily reader in Puerto Rico, love the site and actually just learned about most of the local bands featured on the post.
what the christ was that?
haha, discuss is in pittsburgh, I see one of the guys around all the time.
y en la isla tambien..
hahaha, I know that dude. My hommie Andres. He does like 1 Billion art projects. Tallented dude
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