The Human Piano. Not entirely a piano, but played through a human mixer nevertheless

Here's a video from Force Theory Productions, an arty outfit who have invented the Human Piano, seen in the clip. I couldn't quite work it out, so I asked them what's going on. Michael wrote back: "The idea is that sound through wire is low level electricty. That electricity can easily pass through human bodies. It works by taking a sounce [in this case several iPods] and having the outputs go into a large copper pipe. Whatever sound is being played out of the ipod is now in the pipes. Then someone grabs firmly onto the pipe (as how hard you grab will effect conductivity and therefore loudness). The sound is now in the person. On the other side of it, I have a tight copper pinky ring that has a wire attached to it. The wire goes to a mixer and to the speakers. Once I grab someones hand, the sound goes:
iPod → Copper Bar → Human → Me → Mixer → Speaker
"Polyphony is just touching more than one source imput at a time. The sound mixes inside me. The grand idea is to have a 16 person piano and play a piece just composed for the human piano in public at some point."

oh hey I remember bruce haack doing something like that about 60 years ago.

except he "played" a piano player.
worked like a theremin, he called it "the dermotron"
I can't wait untill the nude version, ouch.
That was cool! Lots of possibilites there.
So the sound sources make this basically an iPod-based Mellotron... cool.
It's nice to hold hands.
Put a t-shirt on! Eurgh!
i wanted to hear what it sounded like when he grabbed her t#$t!!:> maybe he found out after the pretentious gig
Nice idea! Simple but entertaining. Perfect for audience interaction.

(Some people on the Internet obviously can't look at a woman without making pubertal comments about sex and tits... Way to go.)
Our cherman dermatronz ist much more better. now ist ze time on sprockets venn vee dawntz.
hey i got pubertal because of this pubertal exibition of pretention - you equally pretentious and obviously repressed person- what else could be more raw and down to earth than human bodies, reproductive parts included? cha
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