A giant spectrum analyser to stick on your wall (Just €6,000)

This is 'On', an "electronic dynamic luminous sculpture-picture created by Jean Octobon." It's 1.5m x 1m, 8 bands and €6,000, although Jean can take commissions for models with up to 32 tracks. Cool people, I suspect, will stick to analysers that use water or fire ... (Thanks, FMass)

i saw a mini one of these on a guys shirt at the seattle daft punk show last weekend.
i've seen quite an impressive one using lots of flourescent tubes hung vertically and wired in parallel, and driven by the audio signal cranked up through an old coil taken out of a ford fiesta.
The Guitar Center has huge ones (individual columns and a controller) that aren't too expensive.
yeah, i bet daft punk just ordered a couple, i'd love one too, if i had money to burn.
Guitar Center? Couldn't find it... link please?
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