eBay of the day: MODboard onboard analog delay circuit

I love this. eBay item 180141928515 is a MODboard onboard analog delay circuit - a little board, powered by a 9v battery, which can fit into the cavity on your guitar. You can then add a couple of knobs (or use those stacked pots) and have live tweak-a-tron delay right in your guitar. It's also cheap - the full kit, including the board, push-pull pot, battery lead etc - is just $51.95. If I was a soldering minded chap, I'd put one of these into a project guitar and mount a little analog joystick to control delay time and feedback. Even if you're not a guitarist, this could be good for all manner of circuit bending fun. I wonder if I could fit one in my Synth II?

Hey Tom--these come from www.guitarfetish.com, you should check out their site. They make great cheap pickups too.
I only see 4 caps. Where's the delay chip? Does anyone have a photo of the other side?
Yeah, I'm curious to see what's on the other side, too. On their website they're very careful not to show anything other than the top of the boards.
Oh god.
Want. Want. Want.

That's a fantastic little kit. I even have a spare guitar.
On the other hand I have very rudimentry soldering experience and no soldering iron.
If I go for it, I'll let you know the results.
The rest of the parts are on the other side of the pcb, not sure about the chip, could be a pt2399 work-alike(it uses the same chip company in the biyang delay.) And ive been told the circuit looks like a surface-mount rebote delay. Either way this is a very nice sounding delay and you can actually house it in an enclosure instead of the guitar so you can use it as a stomp box.
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