Arturia's Analog Factory keyboard controller with little Moogy knobs

Arturia, maker of quality retro soft synths, are planning a dedicated controller for their Analog Factory software. This is the prototype from AES - 2.5 octaves, 11 knobs, four sliders, metal case, really nice chunky WOODEN END PANELS. Outputs MIDI and USB. Looks like $349/£229, shipping in January. It's being built by CME in China, unlike the rather more exepensive Origin and, for extra hotness Origin Keyboard

Cool. I remember myself saying at the Future Music forums that i'd love a controller that looked exactly like the hardware version of Arturia's Analog Factory.

If they sell the plugin + the keyboard for a nice price i'll dive in inmediatly.
Hey, as long as they put wooden end panels on it, it'll get you that phat analog sound, yo.
anonymous - a crack at irony?
better luck next time.
arturia's sounds are fabulous
the important bit, no? the music, not the gear.
I just bought the Arturia Analog Factory Experience, and i can't register the activation code. Of course i'm using it in wine/linux. Still broken software is broken software.

Thanks Arturia, will download the cracked version. Your demo runs fine in linux...
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