10 MORE greatest beat making videos ever*

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1. Anchorsong 'Breathe Breathe Me' The Japanese producer and star of Pt 1 takes it fairly comprehensively to the next level by appearing live with MPC2500, Korg Triton and live string quartet in this clip, and also the blip-tastic No Virus, No Fever. Somehow a lot more appealing than Just Blaze doing a Nike Ad and re-recording the whole thing to avoid paying royalties to some orchestra.
2. DiViNCi's MPC guitar solo Bearded gent plays a Hendrix-esqe solo using a MPC2000XL, a loop of a snare sample and a wah pedal. Awesome.
3. Pushing Buttons DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist and DJ Numark playing two MPC2000s and one MPC3000. Keep watching until you get to the chin solo at 4:10.
4. Aswell live Very simple over-the-head clip of live jamming on a well-used MPC2000XL.
5. This dog can use an MPC60 And his beats are better than mine.
6. Building a beat on the SP-404 Proving you don't need an MPC, a Scottish lad cuts up Simon and Garfunkel on the flashing light-covered SP-404.
7. damuthefudgemunk Not really much to watch, just a MPC2000, a finger and a nodding cameraman, but this guy makes wonderful '90s hiphop.
8. O.S.T.R 'O robieniu bitow' Polish nerdcore rap about floppy discs, MPC60s and a Novation K-Station."
9. Le MPC deux mille featured on 'Street Smart Cool Cat', the web tv show for le french teens.
10. Beat Kings Prince Paul, Marley Marl and DJ Premier talk about the early days of sampling.
Bonus: Cut Chemist goes record shopping "If you want to pick a good drum break, pick a nice Humble Pie record."
Bonus #2: Strange redneck guy shares thoughts on MPC programming: 'That's some kind of talent.'
*Or, you know, today. (Thanks again to the wondeful 16pads for links)

aewsome, Tom!!!
hifana !! u forgot hifana ! !
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