CBGB's sound desk for sale on Craigslist, just $80

Evan writes to let me know about this ad on Craigslist Austin: "SOUNDCRAFT 1s Mixer from CBGB's: I bought this from a friend of mine who worked at CBGB's for 9 years. After the club closed on Halloween last year, all the extra gear from the basement, the abandoned studio and the lounge were placed into storage... The guy at Soundcraft says that some channels dont work, but that the power is hard wired on... Needs work... Some missing knobs dusty etc." Seems the guy has been selling a few of these over the last few weeks, so it's not 'The CBGB's desk', but still...

LA is the new New York.
please...don't ever say that again
actually, new york is the new LA.
new is the new new
heiii where do i get it?
I bet if you opened it up and cleaned out all the cockroaches, it'd work beautifully! I've played CBGB many times, and I've literally flicked a roach off my keyboards while I played. No, not that roach...
Cool thing
This is an ongoing trend. Is it Lenny Kravitz that owns the four channel board from Abbey Road. I think there's two ideas here. Vintage equipment and vintage equipment that has belonged to someone or someplace cool.
smart is the new dumb. and you know it.
Down is the new up.
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