Calder: The most expensive guitar case ever made?

Remember Nick Calder? He's the guy who was designing a new kind of guitar case, and blogging along the way. He's now gone into production, and his design has radically changed - from a kind of high-tech space rifle thing to a very elegant and phenomenally expensive case. It's made from carbon fibre covered in fine leather, and lined with hand-painted silk velver. It costs £3,525 inc vat. It's a shame the cabinet are so cheap - I'm sure Tony Blair would really love one of these as a leaving present. Nick is also producing violin cases (if you've got a £3m Stradivarius, this case is a bargain) and a £2020 laptop case. Calder Originals.

Wow, after this, those $200 jobbies at InCase are a steal.

A) The dude's freaking high. B) This is why the terrorists hate us.

I'm not going to get exact on the exchange rates, but $5,000 US for a fugging case? WTF? And for that price do you get a fine display item? Is it flight proof? (no) Some sort of humidity system in there? No. In fact, I'm not thrilled with the way the neck support looks or the case's ability to resist shock. With a $5,000 case, a humidity regulating/monitoring system would/should be considered a standard feature. Or am I supposed to trust that to a $19.95 planet waves soundhole humidifier?

What's the point of covering good tough Carbon Fibre with leather than can scuff, ding, etc.? Hand Painted silk? That's just luxury for the sake of luxury. (How exactly does hand painting the silk protect the instrument better?)

In short, This is far from the best case ever made, it's just the most expensive. To simply protect and carry an instrument, there are better, less expensive options available. I seriously hope that anyone who considers purchasing one of these finds something better to do with the money... Like burn it for kindling, or spend it on booze and hookers. (And you could feed a third world child for 110 years for what this case costs.)

This thing is as useful and elegant as a jewel-encrusted butt plug. Heck, at least you can play a $30,000 Ken Parker guitar. Who would really pay $5 grand for this and then subject it to the rigors of the road?

Quick question, where do I get a case for this case so that my case doesn't get dinged or damaged?
Seems to me this is one of those odd places where something truly functional is rarely beautiful, and vice versa.

I think MARC MARMEL has an awesome guitar case. Its leather but its already distressed, so it looks better as you bang it up. Its lined in suede with a guitar shroud of Chinese silk brocade on the top, so its the first thing you see when you open the case, usually juxtaposing the exterior. It epitomizes rock and roll for me. It looks the way rock and roll FEELS. It brings disparate elements together the way good music does. I don't know, I freakin' love it; its expensive, VERY. But chicks buy handbags, and I got this. It looks cool. Thats more than enough. I have a white one with black suede lining for my Les Paul, and I want the red one for my Stratocaster.

If Keith Richards were a guitar case, this is what he would look like.
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