Bonkers Nick Rhodes pixellated Strat sells for £3,200

eBay item 150125503090 was a custom-made Stratocaster covered in LEDs, designed by Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran. It was build by Sims Custom Shop, who are based in Kent and are your source for all kinds of LED/Guitar craziness (including making a laser slide for John Paul Jones). Nich Rhodes' guitar, complete with the software and the laptop to make it work, sold for £3,200.

How much!? Damn, why wasnt I told about this auction?
check out ben lewry's LCDeetar -

It's heavy and it gets pretty hot, but it's fun as hell to play and even more fun to watch someone else play.

- b
I love the way he says he scraped out the insides and filled it with pixels
this is a brilliant piece of work thought up by the always brilliant and innovative and creative nick rhodes. what will he think of next??? he almost never gets recognized for his talent or his creativity. i still think john and simon are hotter, though.
First impression confirmed - he is an idiot.

When you don't have tallent, you go for neeto haircuts and flashing guitars.
Is that a Lemon Jelly guitar towards the end (8 seconds from the end)?
I'm surprised no one has mentioned how scooping the wood out of a strat is gonna really destroy the tone.....

That said, the guitar looks freakin awesome!
Is that a CZ-1000 behind him??
That's under-priced for sure.
£3200 doesnt seem like much... i think maybe all that security wasnt necessary...

but did anyone check out the laser drumsticks on the sims website... i think thats worth learning to play the drums for...
who bid on this product?

I am a filthy whore, please call/sms or email me.

+393482208032 (ITALY)

Rachael Clare Wass
by an accident I happened across a youtube video of kiss performing I Was Made For Lovin' You Baby, I think it's the actual video. Ace Frehley is playing a similarly styled-LED guitar, though his resolution is a little lower.
When new technology becomes cheaper lot of un-tasty and stupid things happen when it comes to design like tis blue LEDs and laser guitars.
I would be ashamed to design such a thing even people would actually buy it. Why... because so many people today have no taste at all. Just take a look at todays music scene.
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